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Bow Thrusters of North America is the corporation of two well established marine repair facilities based out of Annapolis, Maryland: Engineered Marine Services Inc, located on Back Creek in Annapolis at Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard, and Tommy Solomon Yacht Repair & Restoration also located in the same geographic area. Tommy Solomon and Ken Krasko have joined to create a dedicated service installing bow & stern thrusters, stabilizing and control systems, hydraulic lifts/platforms, below water line hull lighting on sail or power vessels. This combined effort offers the experience serving the public in electrical, new commissioning, structural fiberglass repairs, complete vessel re-fits and restorations, and much more.

Ken Krasko
Ken, a family man and volunteer for the community, went on his own opening the doors to Engineered Marine Systems in 1986 gathering a loyal customer base. The word challenge is nothing more than an invite for Ken solving problems and creating solutions. His electrical familiarity installing every marine product manufactured brings a wealth of information to his customer base knowing what works! Among the many tasks performed at Engineered Marine Systems Inc, bow thruster installation has been a main staple of business the past 25 years.
Tommy Solomon
Tommy opened his doors in the early 90’s in the Annapolis area and is known to his customers as, Tommy Solomon Yacht Repair & Restoration. After leaving Alaska's North Bearing Sea's crabbing industry in Dutch Harbor and 8 years total in the commercial fisheries, Tommy was in a restaurant in Seattle having dinner with friends back in 1988. Out of a table of 9, one gal talked about how she gave money to guy to perform repairs. When she said that the contractor never returned, a light came on in Tommy's head. This was the day he would follow in the footsteps of his family's businesses back home serving the public and getting what you pay for.

As Bow Thrusters of North America, Ken and Tommy both will bring a level of quality seldom seen in the industry today, collectively.

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